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🏦 Interac eTransfer (preferred)

Interac eTransfers may be sent to

Kindly include your full name, email address, and home address with postal code in the eTransfer notes. The information is required in accordance with election rules and so a receipt may be sent to you.

💳 Credit card

Campaign contributions by credit card can be processed in the module below. Credit card payments are managed securely through Stripe⧉.

💵 Offline donations

Though online donations are preferred, offline donations like cash and cheques are accepted. Please email for further instructions or to arrange a pickup. Please note in accordance with election rules, donations over 25$ cannot be made in cash.

📋 Contribution rules, rebates

You may contribute a maximum of 1,200$ to one candidate, and a maximum of 5,000$ total to multiple candidates running for the same council. You must be a resident of Ontario to contribute. Contributions are not tax deductible. See the full text of campaign contribution rules and limits on the City of Ottawa’s website⧉.

As a participating candidate in the Contribution Rebate Program, your donation may be eligible for a rebate. Learn more about the Contribution Rebate Program.


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