About me

Portrait of Wilson Lo, city council candidate in Ward 24 Barrhaven East by the Vimy Memorial Bridge.

Hi, I'm Wilson Lo!

I’m a customer communications officer at OC Transpo (you might know me as ^WL from their Twitter), one on a team responsible for communicating transit service disruptions and managing public concerns, ideas, and feedback on social media and emails to their city councillors. I was a bus operator for seven years before that. In accordance with election rules, I am on unpaid leave from my position until election day, October 24.

I grew up north of Toronto in Markham. I lived through the pressures of rapid suburban growth in the 2000s and its effects on infrastructure and services, communities, and people. I learned about solutions our leaders can explore to effectively mitigate and address them (it interested me more than the high school curriculum).

I came to Ottawa in 2009 for university and stayed. I live with my wife near Woodroffe/Rideaucrest in Barrhaven East, a community I grew to love during my time as a bus operator and now as a resident.

Raised by my mom, I know the demands of providing for a family in the face of rising costs of living, but also the joy of knowing where you live is somewhere your family thrives. My wife and I want to raise a family here, so shaping our community’s future together is a matter of heart for me.

Council candidate Wilson speaks with a neighbour on their front porch.

Why am I running?

Gathering, understanding, and effectively communicating information are vital to the success of my work. The experiences I gained first as a transit customer, then as a bus operator, and now as a communications officer gifted me a very unique perspective. It lets me understand situations well and allows me to step up to lead and navigate colleagues and myself through challenges and discussions.

I decided it’s time to transfer my skills and devote my energy and dedication to a role where I can more effectively and responsibly serve you, reporting directly to our community, directly to you.

Barrhaven is at an exciting crossroads with its future. This decade, we will welcome about 13,000 new neighbours. We have the chance to design and build a vibrant, people-centric town centre, including a recently-funded community hub that can host local arts and culture and be a gathering place with family and friends.

Although that growth is located mostly outside Ward 24’s boundaries, the pressures of that growth will affect our ward’s infrastructure and services. My platform focuses on managing those pressures effectively, practically, and sustainably while ensuring Ward 24’s newfound stability after decades of continuous growth is not jeopardised.

Despite being two wards, we are still one Barrhaven community. I will work closely with Ward 3’s councillor to ensure our exciting future is a shared vision across all of Barrhaven. Please note Ward 24 is a newly-created ward from parts of Ward 3, Barrhaven West and Ward 22, Riverside South-Findlay Creek.

Let’s strengthen our transportation corridors, improve local public transit, make our parks more inclusive, all while ensuring the city’s money⁠—your money⁠—is responsibly invested back into our community.

Portrait of city council candidate for Barrhaven East, Wilson Lo, and his wife.

Why vote for me?

I am the compassionate and caring neighbour you can count on to lead our community through its successes and challenges, the accessible and respectful councillor who will hear your concerns and ideas for a better Barrhaven East, a friendly person to share a conversation with.

As your councillor, I will build collaborative and productive relationships with the neighbours I represent and with city staff, who are behind the scenes at the core of every community building project.

Throughout the summer and autumn, I will visit every house in our ward to formally introduce myself and my platform, and to discuss your concerns and ideas for our community, and what you want to see from your next city council. Combining my experiences growing up in a rapidly-expanding suburb, my affinity for city building, and my work at OC Transpo, the knowledge and insight I will bring to city council will be unique and indispensable.

Your community is my community. My wife and I live here and want to raise a family here, so I have a very personal interest in shaping a healthy and sustainable future together for our community.

I hope to earn the privilege of your support and vote. I look forward to meeting you, Barrhaven East!

Speedy and Sebastian, two white and brown guinea pigs, and the official mascots of the Wilson Lo campaign, sit on a carpet.
Official campaign mascots Speedy and Sebastian.

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