People and environment

Through investments in inclusive park spaces, improving our tree canopy, and engaging the community in the city’s new Solid Waste Master Plan, we can make and keep Barrhaven East and our city beautiful and clean.

Two playground swings with a gazebo in the background at a residential neighbourhood park.

Inclusive park spaces

Barrhaven is fortunate to have many parks and greenspaces available a short distance from home, playing host to local sports, recreation, childhood exploration, and dogs. I want to improve our parks so people of all ages, abilities, and interests can take full advantage of these community spaces.

As your councillor, I will explore adding structures and equipment such as outdoor gyms, porch-style swings, barbecue pits, skating paths (for the colder months), and dedicated spaces for other popular sports like tennis and cricket so every neighbour can take advantage of our park spaces.

Many neighbours have asked for a fenced, off-leash dog park. Though Barrhaven has areas where dogs can be off-leash, we lack a formal, protected space for dogs to run, play, and socialise freely. As councillor, I will work with the future councillor of Ward 3 and city staff to find a proper, central space to be our community’s new dog park.

The entrance area to a municipal recreation centre. The top of the building has blue, grey, and white cladding, while the bottom of the building is covered in brick.

Future Riverside South community centre

Three wonderful facilities offer recreation services to the residents of Ward 24: Walter Baker, Minto, and the Nepean Sportsplex. More people will soon use these facilities as Barrhaven and Riverside South continue to welcome new neighbours. A new recreation centre and library will soon be built in Riverside South near Earl Armstrong/Limebank.

The community will be central in deciding amenities to include (eg. pool, rinks, meeting rooms) and the kind of facility to build for the benefit of as many residents as possible. Recreation centres and libraries foster community building, provide time with family and friends, serve as shelter centres in emergencies, and might even be the starting point of a future sports or literary star!

I will work closely with the future councillor of Ward 22 to ensure residents of Ward 24 are included in discussions and decisions about the new recreation centre.

The front of a forest under a blue sky.


Trees are one of the most important tools in our fight against human-accelerated climate change, along with other environmental initiatives, like waste diversion, alternate modes of transportation where possible, and sustainable packaging. Healthy trees benefit more than our environment and the air we breathe. Studies show trees can improve:

  • Road safety – trees improve the perception of distance travelled over time, reduce road rage, improve the visibility of signs and signals, and create a visual wall for the road
  • Drainage – leaves absorb and allow the evaporation of 30 per cent of rain before it reaches the ground, with more absorbed by the tree’s roots
  • Aesthetics – trees soften the appearance of roadway infrastructure like streetlights, wires, and sound walls
  • Overall emotional and psychological health – spending time around trees has been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mood

I will make Ward 24 Ottawa’s greenest suburban ward by adding trees along our roads and streets, in medians, and in more areas of our parks.

City garbage, recycling, and compost bins at a local park.


The city is due to approve its new Solid Waste Master Plan⧉ in 2023. The new plan aims to explore ways to better manage the garbage we generate so the city achieves its waste reduction goals, especially as the Trail Road landfill approaches capacity and out of care for our community and environment. I will actively engage with residents and their feedback and concerns so our voice is heard towards a new master plan that is friendly to residents, businesses, the city, and the environment.

I will also work with city staff and community partners to install more litter bins at bus stops, community mailboxes, and high traffic areas. I will also ask for a review of the servicing/emptying process for our litter bins to ensure they are not regularly overflowing.

Lastly, as your councillor, I will create volunteer-based community clean-ups to help local students meet their volunteer hours, to foster community pride, and to remove litter from our neighbourhoods.

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