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Issue 6 - Week of 19 September 2022

I continue working hard to reach my goal of visiting every house in the ward during the campaign. According to my information, I am about two-thirds of the way there! I also think it’s time to replace my shoes, I’m starting to feel the grooves of my car’s pedals through the soles.

Stage 3 LRT

Blurred shot of an OC Transpo light rail train departing.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding my position on the LRT and its proposed extension to Barrhaven from Baseline Station.

I am not against bringing the LRT to Barrhaven. I am just against the project in its current form.

Stage 2 LRT (what’s under construction now) is scheduled to be completed in 2026, assuming no further delays. If we’re following a similar timeline as from Stage 1 to 2, this means there will be three years before contract negotiations begin for the Stage 3 project.

I want to use that time to get a better deal for the city. A project partner that has experience building LRT and related infrastructure, a contract that allows better accountability and transparency from all involved parties, a train depot not located in the middle of a residential area (current plan has it at Greenbank/Highbury Park), and a project that applies lessons learned from stages 1 and 2 for both bus and train operations.

There is still a collective trauma of sorts from that first winter, and unfortunately, major issues still happen at a frequency that’s not negligible. It’s why small issues, typical of systems with many moving parts, are scrutinised heavily and end up in the news.

A complete LRT that includes Barrhaven makes sense, but it must be done right. We cannot afford to have another city-building opportunity devolve into a joke, nor should it end up in another judicial review. We have the gift of time and experience for Stage 3. Let’s not waste that opportunity and give the city a better deal.

Signs and recognition

My team and I have been out replacing several signs that were damaged over the course of last week. While disheartening (and admittedly annoying), the first batch of large signs were installed with inadequate tools due to a rental agreement that fell through at the last minute. My poor volunteers had to use mallets to hammer the stakes into the ground the first night.

A campaign sign for Wilson Lo with one post dislodged from the ground.

We’ve been luckier since—we were graciously loaned a post driver which saves our wrists and drives the posts deeper, therefore making them sturdier. We’ve also changed the way the signs are affixed to the post for more sturdiness.

Since the signs first went up, I’ve been recognised a little more while out and about in the ward! Some residents double-take and give me the “I’ve seen you somewhere” look as they answer the door, while others have approached me to say hi. I’m still getting used to being recognised randomly, so excuse any surprise I may show. I’ll get used to it.

Speaking of signs, my team and I delivered over 50 lawn signs to households throughout the ward. I’m incredibly grateful for the support you’ve shown me so far, Barrhaven East. Thank you! Would you like a lawn sign? Request one here.

Special advance voting

Unable to make the regular advance polls or election day? Special advance voting is available across the city on the following days from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm:

  • Saturday 24 September
  • Sunday 25 September
  • Monday 26 September
  • Tuesday 27 September

If you are voting on special advance voting days, you can vote at any of nine locations across the city on the above-mentioned dates and times, regardless of which ward you live in (you’ll be voting for the mayor and candidates in your ward of residence, of course).

The two locations closest to Ward 24 are the Minto Recreation Complex and the Nepean Sportsplex. Those and the other seven locations are:

  • François Dupuis Recreation Centre, 2263 Portobello Boulevard
  • St-Laurent Complex, 525 Côté Street
  • City Hall, 110 Laurier Avenue West
  • Greenboro Community Centre, 363 Lorry Greenberg Drive
  • Minto Recreation Complex – Barrhaven, 3500 Cambrian Road
  • Nepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroffe Avenue
  • Michele Heights Community Centre, 2955 Michèle Drive
  • Richcraft Recreation Complex – Kanata, 4101 Innovation Drive
  • CARDELREC Recreation Complex Goulbourn, 1500 Shea Road

Voters list information

The city’s online tool for adding, amending, or removing your voters list information is no longer available (deadline was 4:30 pm on Friday 16 September). Voters who still wish to do so may download and complete this form⧉ and bring it with you when you vote. These forms will also be available at polling stations.


How many parks are there in Ward 24?

Last week’s question: What do Lodge Road, Winding Way, Queen Anne Crescent, and Holborn Avenue have in common?

Answer: All four roads were part of the original alignment of the road between Ottawa and Prescott (later Highway 16, and today Price of Wales Drive).

Campaign by the numbers

Houses visited last week: 1,362

Total houses visited so far: 10,536

Steps walked last week: 90,238 (67.68 kilometres)

Total steps so far: 597,154 (447.87 kilometres)

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A moment from last week...

The beautiful interior is that of Khokha Eatery.

Before my wife and I bought our car late last year (because of the second LRT derailment), we walked to her parents’ house in Knollsbrook weekly for physically-distanced visits. That’s how we noticed Khokha Eatery and said we had to give them a try. A home cooking/baking craze, busier-than-expected weekends, and options available closer to home delayed our first visit until last night.

We ordered paratha (flatbread), butter chicken, Hakka noodles, and kheer (rice pudding). The food was delicious! My wife raved about the rice pudding for an hour after we finished eating, and we both loved the paratha (thankfully, we ordered two pieces).

My only experience with Pakistani food was a halwa puri breakfast last month in celebration of Pakistan’s independence day, so it’s nice to see a local business that shares more flavours from Pakistan with people here. They have certainly earned repeat customers in our household! Support a local business and pay them a visit! They are located at 605 Longfields Drive, near Longfields Station across Ken Ross Park.


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