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Issue 5 - Week of 12 September 2022

What a busy week it’s been! That came at the price of less canvassing, as I dedicated two days to installing signs throughout the community, including larger signs at major intersections throughout the ward and lawn signs at over 100 houses. I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve been receiving. Want a lawn sign? Request one here!

A special thank you to the team of volunteers who came out overnight Friday morning (Thursday night) to help me install signs throughout the community. I cannot thank them enough for the time they dedicated. Their hard work paid off, because I’m now incredibly weirded out seeing my face all over our community.

Two campaign lawn signs for Wilson Lo at neighbouring properties.

What's new?

My canvassing schedule returns to normal this week. I’ve missed it, honestly.

I dropped in at the Highbury Park block party on Saturday, hosted by the businesses at Greenbank/Highbury Park. There was a bouncy castle I was too tall for, and free samples from Mad Radish I was too full for. I planned to schmooze during the stay, but honestly, the atmosphere was not right—families were having fun with their children, and it would be inappropriate of me to bother people with election-related chatter.

Even though I canvassed less last week (just shy of 800 houses), I still happened upon the houses of several cool neighbours, including a former City of Nepean deputy mayor’s son, a sitting councillor’s parents, and some community leaders. One of them graciously invited me to a neighbourhood barbecue.

At that barbecue, I spoke to several residents of the street about issues that matter to them, and they conveyed their surprise at seeing an election candidate at their small event. The support I got because I visited reinforced how important canvassing for me. I’ve been incredibly grateful to have met so many wonderful people with all sorts of stories, but even more grateful so many have placed their trust and support in me.

What’s been a little weird for me is I’m naturally introverted, yet I’ve enjoyed almost every moment of chatting with people. If I went back to a few years ago and told myself I’d be ringing people’s doorbells to ask for support in an election in 2022, I’d think I was crazy. But I think it’s for the better—me being able to overcome my introversion has allowed me to properly share my vision for a better Barrhaven East.

Are you on the voters list?

Elections Ottawa has an online tool⧉ which allows you to verify you are on the voters list and to confirm the information is displayed correctly. After entering your information, you can:

  • Add or remove yourself to/from the list
  • Change the information on the list
  • Request a special mail ballot
  • Find out who is running in your ward
  • Find out where you will be voting

Residents who would like to change their information on the voters list or to request a mail-in ballot must do so before 4:30 pm on Friday 16 September.


What do Lodge Road, Winding Way, Queen Anne Crescent, and Holborn Avenue have in common?

Last week’s question: Including MacEwen, the current brand, how many brands has the gas station at Woodroffe/Rideaucrest gone through?

Answer: Four. It opened as an Esso, became an Ultramar, then a Quickie gas bar. It became a MacEwen after the company bought Quickie (including the convenience stores).

Campaign by the numbers

Houses visited last week: 786

Total houses visited so far: 9,174

Steps walked last week: 43,951 (32.96 kilometres)

Total steps so far: 506,916 (380.19 kilometres)

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A moment from last week...

After canvassing a house in Havenlea on Thursday, I spotted a fuzzy caterpillar crawling along the driveway. What are the chances its shade of yellow is an almost perfect match to that of my campaign flyer? I had to take a photo. I didn’t touch the caterpillar, though, because dagger moths can irritate skin if you touch them. Also, anyone else think the photo has Better Call Saul vibes?


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