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Issue 4 - Week of 5 September 2022

It’s the start of a new school year for most students across the city (the rest began their year earlier). That, plus it getting darker earlier and the cooler weather is a sure sign summer will soon bid its farewell. It also means election day is fast approaching!

As a kind reminder, please be careful driving in the community this week. Traffic volume, both vehicular and pedestrian, will increase, including many of our community’s children.

There also won’t be many photos in this issue. Sorry!

What's new?

It was a quieter week for me in terms of canvassing—I visited only 852 houses last week, compared to my numbers usually between 1,250 and 1,500. Some of my time was spent preparing for the Rogers TV all-candidates debate (more on that later) and waiting for a shipment of new door hangers to arrive.

Despite the lower number of houses visited, the rate of engagement was consistent with other weeks, and I had several meaningful conversations about our community. These conversations covered topics like not allowing our infrastructure and services, such as roads, transit, recreation programmes, and parks, to fall behind in face of continued rapid growth.

New townhouses under construction.

I grew up in Markham, a suburban city north of Toronto. At that time, Markham was experiencing the same rapid growth as Barrhaven and Riverside South are today. However, unlike the current growth in Barrhaven and Riverside South, Markham (and the regional government) kept up with that growth—arterial roads were widened, transit services were introduced, and recreation centres were built as the communities grew, not after.

An estimated 26,000 new residents will be welcomed in Half Moon Bay, Quinn’s Pointe, and Riverside South by 2030. Not keeping up with that growth will diminish quality of life. But the new communities are in our neighbouring wards, so why does it matter?

That demand puts pressure on our ward’s infrastructure and services. Traffic avoids Greenbank, due to the bottleneck at the Jock River bridge, so much of it travels via Longfields, Strandherd, and Woodroffe instead, buses are fuller before they get to our community (most a pre-pandemic assessment), and spaces in our children’s recreation programmes seem to become more limited.

After about three decades of continuous growth, Barrhaven East finally has some newfound stability. That stability needs to be maintained in face of outside growth pressures from surrounding communities.

That’s without mentioning the growth happening in Manotick, too.

Election signs

Per the city’s temporary signs by-law, election signs may begin to be displayed on Friday 9 September. My team and I will be preparing and installing signs that day throughout our ward, as well at the residential properties of residents who have requested a small sign.

I cannot overstate how grateful I am for the trust and support I’ve been given, including the almost 100 households that have requested lawn signs. It’s an honour and a privilege.

If you requested a lawn sign, you will receive an email midweek letting you know my team and/or I will be by Friday or Saturday to install a sign on your property. Please reply to that email if you have any preferences as to where on your property it goes, or if you’ve changed your mind (it happens, I understand).

Would you like a lawn sign? Request one here!

Rogers TV all-candidates debate

I took part in an all-candidates debate, hosted by Rogers TV, last Thursday. We covered topics that concerned our ward and the city, including transit and LRT, roads maintenance, affordable housing, the environment, and taxes.

The unedited debate has been uploaded to Rogers TV’s YouTube channel, which I shared to my website along with a transcript.

With six other candidates participating, the format resulted in two candidates, including me, not getting their own questions. As a result, my participation was limited to my opening and closing statements and the open debate portions of the questions. Can you spot where I lost my train of thought while in open debate, and circled back to the original point to save myself?

The unedited debate will also be aired on Rogers TV (cable 22) this coming Thursday, 7 September, at 2:00 pm. A special thank you to Derick Fage and Rogers TV for organising and hosting the debate.

Are you on the voters list?

The city has an online tool⧉ which allows you to verify you are on the voters list and to confirm the information is displayed correctly. After entering your information, the tool will allow you to:

  • Add or remove yourself to/from the list
  • Change the information on the list
  • Request a special mail ballot
  • Find out who is running in your ward
  • Find out where you will be voting

Residents who would like to change their information on the voters list or to request a mail-in ballot must do so before 4:30 pm on Friday 16 September.


Did you know when the gas station opened at Woodroffe/Rideaucrest in 2000, it featured the Quickie convenience store, a Burger King, and a National Bank branch? Many of you may know though the Quickie is still there, the Burger King and National Bank are now the Tim Hortons and Aroy Thai, respectively. Best Thai in Barrhaven, by the way.

Including MacEwen, the current brand, how many brands has that gas station gone through?

Photograph of community news bulletin article advertising the opening of a new convenience store.

Last week’s question: Why was “New” added to New Deighton Crescent after amalgamation?

Answer: The former name was too similar to Dayton Crescent, located in Leslie Park near Sir Robert Borden High School. Interestingly, the former city of Nepean approved the subdivision plan with Deighton Crescent despite Dayton Crescent already existing. This means it’s very possible “New” may not have been added had it not been for amalgamation and the new City of Ottawa’s guidelines, which I’d argue would have been confusing.

Campaign by the numbers

Houses visited last week: 852
Total houses visited so far: 8,388
Steps walked last week: 36,671 (27.50 kilometres)
Total steps so far: 462,965 (347.22 kilometres)

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A moment from last week...

A black and white cat sleeping on a step.

This cat was sleeping soundly on a doorstep in our ward. It woke up to take a quick glance at me as I walked up, but quickly went back to sleep, even as I was chatting to the homeowner.


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