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Issue 3 - Week of 29 August 2022

We are less than two months away from election day! Last week also marked halfway through my campaign, as mine started on 24 June 2022 when I officially went on unpaid leave from OC Transpo. Thank you to everybody who’s supported me so far by networking, donating, and requesting lawn signs.

Can you believe September begins this week?

Pride 🏳️‍🌈

The first gay pride celebration in Ottawa was a picnic at Strathcona Park attended by about 50 people in June 1986. It grew and evolved since then, becoming a week-long event in 1989, and the committee (now Capital Pride) receiving their first official proclamation from the City of Ottawa in 1997.

Capital Pride’s 2022 parade was special, as the last two years’ parades were suspended due to the pandemic. Amelia and I were really looking forward to this year’s. We immediately soaked up the atmosphere once we got downtown. The weather was perfect, and we felt there was an overhanging sense of relief and excitement at the event’s return. We also got a great spot in the shade. I may be biased, but my favourite float was OC Transpo’s.

I also noticed several Ottawa faith organisations participating in the parade. It’s heartening and important to see faith communities embrace all its members regardless of who they are and who they love.

Amelia and I also attended a Pride Shabbat service at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre Friday evening. It was our first-ever Shabbat service and we’re grateful to have been invited to join. Thank you to the Jewish Federation of Ottawa for inviting us to the service, Shabbat candle-lighting ceremony, and dinner (Challah may be a new favourite for us).

Happy Pride!

What's new?

I got my signs! My garage smells like polypropylene (corrugated plastic) now. Per the city’s signs by-law, election signs can be installed beginning Friday 9 September. Neighbours who graciously agreed to have a sign placed in their yard will receive one that day. Would you like a sign in your front yard? Click here to request one!

Canvassing, as expected, was a wet affair last week. My shoes squelched with every step. I’m sure neighbours heard me as I walked towards their porches. I had engaging conversations with neighbours across Barrhaven East, but one prevailing concern was street racing, speeding on residential streets, and the police response to the recent rise in car thefts.

From my window facing Woodroffe Avenue, it seems OPS’s Operation Noisemaker has seen some success in removing unsafe drivers from the road and deterring street racing and excessively noisy vehicles (though one just went by two minutes ago). As your councillor, I will also explore other ways we can tackle this ongoing issue, including:

  • Asking the province to amend the Highway Traffic Act to include higher fines and demerit points for vehicle noise and modified exhaust violations
  • Exploring new technologies to automate or supplement enforcement, including sound radar⧉ which was recently installed in some cities in France

In terms of speeding on residential streets, I believe speed cameras and flex-posts are not the solution. We need to design our streets better to entice people to slow down, including raised crosswalks, raised and narrowed intersections, roundabouts where appropriate, and better streetscaping (eg. trees, which contribute to a better perception of distance travelled over time and improve the visibility of signage).

According to some residents, the police response to the rise in vehicle thefts has been concerning, even in cases where video doorbells have provided video evidence to the crime in progress. The police response needs to improve to deter would-be thieves. As your councillor, I will ensure OPS has the adequate resources to effectively enforce and respond across our growing community.

Crossing guards needed

Back to school is quickly approaching. The Ottawa Safety Council is in urgent need of crossing guards in Barrhaven. Click here to learn more⧉.

Voting by mail

Residents who choose to vote by mail may begin requesting mail-in ballots this Thursday, 1 September 2022. Methods of requesting mail-in ballots, including an online tool and forms to submit via mail or email will be available on that date. Please ensure your ballot is received by the elections office or at one of the city’s client service centres by 4:30 pm on election day, Monday 24 October 2022. Ballots received after will not be counted. Click here for more information⧉.


Why was “New” added to New Deighton Crescent after amalgamation?

Last week’s question: Totteridge Avenue, near Ken Ross Park, and Whetstone Crescent in Chapman Mills near Crestway/Waterbridge, are obscurely related. How so?

Answer: Totteridge and Whetstone (pronounced WET-stun, not wet-stone) is a London Underground station.

A London Underground train pulls in to a station in the winter.

Campaign by the numbers

Houses visited last week: 1,046

Total houses visited so far: 7,536

Steps walked last week: 67,029 (50.27 kilometres)

Total steps so far: 426,294 (319.72 kilometres)

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A moment from last week (actually last year)

Photo by Shauna Snippe Photography⧉.

Amelia and I celebrated our first anniversary on Saturday (we stayed in and took a much-deserved lazy day, so there are no photos from that day—the photo above is from our wedding). I mentioned last week despite enjoying canvassing, a downside was the time I’m spending away from home. Before I decided to run, we discussed at length and accepted what the campaign would entail. I can’t thank her enough for her love and support, which has made campaigning much easier. Amelia, I promise I’ll spend more time with…uh, next year. I know you read these to point out typos, so happy enniversery. 💕


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