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Issue 2 - Week of 22 August 2022

It’s a new week, and it looks like it will be a rainy one. I’ve been lucky almost all my canvassing has been in dry weather, although I’ve carried my umbrella as a precaution on several days, which I’m sure is what stopped it from actually raining! I also switched to electronic notetaking on my phone, which has made it much easier for me to take notes in the rain while juggling an umbrella and a stack of flyers when I’m canvassing alone.

What's new?

This last week was a heavy week of canvassing. I’m running out of adjectives to describe canvassing, so I’ll use them all here to describe last week—engaging, fun, great, informative, and rewarding. It sounds like a broken record, but each time I go, those words really describe how I feel afterwards. It’s also why I tweet about canvassing a lot less now, since I felt it got really repetitive, but know that I am out there six days a week!

On top of engagement with my platform topics I mention at the doors, two concerns stood out to me, because they were brought up by several neighbours or resulted in the most memorable conversations—garbage and safety. I will expand my position on garbage this week, then safety next week.

In mid-2019, the current city council started the process for the next Solid Waste Master Plan, due to be voted on in the “second half of 2022” (whether that’s this or next council is unclear). EngageOttawa began asking the public for feedback earlier this year and is scheduled to table a plan between now and the end of September for council’s consideration. In the fourth quarter of 2022 (Oct. to Dec.), staff will “present options and recommendations for the plan and seek further comment and feedback from the public.”

The Trail Road landfill is approaching capacity, with no easy alternatives. You can help determine new waste diversion goals, how to achieve that, and ways to improve the current processes. The next round of engagement is expected for the fourth quarter this year.

As your councillor, I will actively engage with you, local businesses, and city staff to ensure the next plan meets our needs and is sustainable financially and environmentally. I will also include the feedback and ideas that were shared with me while canvassing, including…

  • Upgrading blue and black bins so less recycling waste is picked up by the wind
  • Promoting the green bin program through initiatives to improve its cleanliness and use
  • Allowing recyclables to be mixed (already in practice in some other Canadian cities)
  • Adding more three-steam disposal at parks
  • Proper pet waste disposal bins, and
  • More accessible hazardous household waste disposal

Garbage is far from a glamorous topic, but it’s important for our community’s cleanliness and sanitation. In 2021, the current city council approved a zero waste vision for this plan out of care for our community and environment. I will work towards our goals with you.

The section of my platform about the Solid Waste Master Plan will be updated to match what is said above by midweek.

Blog update

In my last newsletter, I mentioned possibly starting a blog to expand on items discussed here, social media, or my platform in long-form. I have abandoned that idea, favouring expanding on them in the newsletter instead (such as the garbage post above). Too bad, because “Lo and behold…a blog” was a great name.


Totteridge Avenue, near Ken Ross Park, and Whetstone Crescent in Chapman Mills near Crestway/Waterbridge, are obscurely related. How so?

Street name sign reading Totteridge Avenue.

Last week’s question and answer: How many streets in Barrhaven East have zero residential addresses? The answer is 26 (27 if you count Bren Maur West separately).

  • Beckstead Road
  • Bill Leathem Drive
  • Bissett Way
  • Blackpool Lane
  • Breezeway Drive
  • Buckthorn Place
  • Coralroot Avenue
  • Doulton Gate
  • Earl Mulligan Drive
  • Falmouth Gate
  • Greenbank Road
  • Haylock Way
  • Hobblebush Street
  • Leikin Drive
  • Meadgate Gate
  • Moonseed Lane
  • Oakwell Drive
  • Paragon Avenue
  • Rayner’s Lane
  • Rideau Glen Drive
  • Sleaford Gate
  • Strandherd Drive
  • Velvetleaf Lane
  • Via Mondugno Avenue
  • Wanstead Gate
  • Winterberry Way

Campaign by the numbers

Houses visited last week: 1,718

Total houses visited so far: 6,490

Steps walked last week: 79,233 (59.42 kilometres)

Total steps so far: 359,265 (269.45 kilometres)

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A moment from last week...

It’s usually my wife, Amelia, who takes photographs of some meals while I wait patiently to start eating (my patience usually on full display⧉). This time it was me taking the picture, not because of the food, but because of why we were there. As much as I am enjoying campaigning and meeting neighbours, one of the few downsides is the time I’m spending away from home. We try to have time for ourselves where we can, which in last Wednesday’s case ended up as a spontaneous 7 am breakfast date at Broadway Bar and Grill in Riverside South. Our first wedding anniversary is this weekend, and I can’t thank Amelia enough for the love and support she and her family have given me so far.


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