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Issue 1 - Week of 15 August 2022

Hello, welcome to my first-ever campaign newsletter update! These will provide an update of my campaign, thoughts and stories from the campaign trail, and fun little tidbits of trivia about our ward. Newsletters will be sent weekly Monday mornings, perhaps with some special editions every now and then. I hope you will enjoy them!

Every email address receiving my newsletter was provided to me when I visited you at the doors or by online submission on my website. To unsubscribe, please use the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

What's new?

On Friday, Vincenzo Calla, a local politically active student, interviewed me as part of his running series focused on the municipal election, The Political Job Interview. I enjoyed the interview, and Vincenzo is great to chat with! Watch the interview here⧉ (the audio is spotty in parts…my webcam took over recording, despite me wearing my microphone headphones, ugh). You can also watch candidates from other races on his YouTube channel, VCalla Productions⧉.

Roti puffing up in a wok of oil for halwa puri, a traditional Pakistani meal.

Yesterday, at the invitation of the Canada Pakistan Association of the National Capital Region, I attended a traditional halwa puri breakfast commemorating Pakistan becoming a sovereign nation 75 years ago in 1947. The puri (roti/chapati that has been deep fried into “pillows,” see image above), cholay (chickpea curry), and halwa (a semolina-based sweet dish) were delicious. Thankfully, the weather was cooler in the morning, or I’d have sweat like crazy!

Wide-angle shot of farmers' market stalls lining an asphalt walkway in an unused parking lot.

I also visited the Barrhaven Ottawa Farmers’ Market⧉ with my wife, where we got hot dogs, cookies, and pastries, all from local vendors. The market runs every Sunday 10:00 am to 2:00 pm until 30 October, and also features farm-fresh produce and other locally-made products. Pay a visit if you can!

Lo and behold...a blog

Later this week, I will also start a blog to complement my newsletter and website. Every so often (can’t promise regular intervals for that one), I will write in long-form some thoughts, stories, and observations I have about the campaign and campaigning itself. These articles may sometimes expand on a topic discussed here or on social media. I hope I can keep it interesting.


How many streets in Ward 24, Barrhaven East⧉, have zero residential addresses? The answer in next week’s newsletter! (Adobe PDF Reader required to open ward map.)

Campaign by the numbers

Houses visited last week: 1,208

Total houses visited so far: 4,772

Steps walked last week: 58,971 (44.22 kilometres)

Total steps so far: 280,032 (210.02 kilometres)

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A moment from last week...

I took this photo of a menacing arcus cloud (shelf cloud) looming over Barrhaven last Sunday, 7 August, while canvassing near Chapman Mills/Longfields. It started raining five minutes later, then pouring about 10 minutes after that. Surprisingly, it managed to rain even harder 30 minutes after that. Thankfully, I had my umbrella, and the townhouses on Chapman Mills had deep porches with four units each.


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