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News media items featuring yours truly. If you would like to interview Wilson Lo for an article, or for him to appear on your program, kindly email Thank you!

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Wilson Lo To Run For City Council In Barrhaven East (10 March 2022) – Charlie Senack, Barrhaven Independent

Barrhaven East candidate wants to use his skills to serve his community (27 July 2022) – The Sam Laprade Show, CityNews Ottawa radio

Job Interview with Wilson Lo, Ottawa City Council Candidate (13 August 2022) – Vincenzo Calla, VCalla Productions

A Look At The Council Candidates In Barrhaven East And West (19 August 2022) – Charlie Senack, Barrhaven Independent

2022 Municipal Election Debate: Barrhaven East – Ward 24 (1 September 2022) – Rogers TV [Transcript]

Interview on Ottawa Now (1 September 2022) – Kristy Cameron, CFRA (timestamp 11:18)

Meet the candidates in Ward 24 – Barrhaven East (26 September 2022) – CTV

Barrhaven East is a new ward in this election (2 October 2022) – CBC

Reddit AMA (ask me anything) – (3 October 2022) – Wilson Lo on r/Ottawa

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